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Create harmony between your life and work


Create harmony between your life and work


It will go a long way to helping you build an online presence that’s uniquely you.


A big part of showing up in the world the way you want is achieving a sense of harmony within all areas of your life.   

When you commit to producing a memorable online presence that illustrates your core  values, principals and the way you approach challenges, you’re harmonizing your thought leadership with the foundations of the way you live your own life.

After all, what better place is there to discover the stories and lessons that resonates deeply and builds rapport with your audience than from you own experiences?  

In this instance, there is no facade, no alternative personality, no making shit up as you go. What you share with your audience is based on the life you’ve led, the experiences that have shaped your worldview, and the lessons you’ve learned along the way.

You believe every word out of your mouth, and it all comes from the heart - and your audience can tell.  

You’re not some entrepreneurial parasite that preys on people’s fears and insecurities in  order to scare the hell out of them enough to cough up thousands of dollars for a bullshit program that serves nothing other than to make yourself a couple bucks... just wanna do your thing and help awesome people in a way only you know how,  and in return, afford a lifestyle that lights you up and keeps you on the path of growth.  Although there are many people who work within your space of expertise, the harmony between how you live your life and the way it affects your thought leadership will set you  apart from the pack.


There’s only one you, and it’s your specific story to tell.  

Although there is overlap with many high-level concepts you share with your colleagues,  the way in which you parse and describe the details will be different from them, provided you stick to focusing on finding the words from within, and not aggregating what everyone else is saying.  

That’s why it’s so important to put on blinders and ignore the other folks.  It’s messing with your ability to create unique insights and further develop your thought  leadership through the lessons you’ve experienced first-hand.

Don’t mess with your harmony - see it as a source of strength and inspiration.

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