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Don't wait because of weight, folks!


Don’t wait because of weight.

NYC Branded Lifestyle Portrait - speaker Social Pivot PR Donna Cravotta reading Kindle

Allow those you serve to create a connection with you through your image content.

  • “I know I need photos, but, I just want to lose a couple pounds first…”

  • “Give me 2-3 months, there’s no way I want to stand in front of a camera right now with the way I look…”

  • “Portraits? You kidding me? I have a double chin!”

  • “I can’t shoot with the way I look…”

Do these snippets of crappy inner monologue sound familiar to you?

Mm hmm.

I know it does - because this is the shit that I constantly - CONSTANTLY - hear from potential clients who postpone their sessions month after month because they are overwhelmingly unhappy with their appearance.

Listen, I get it. We all want to feel good in front of the camera. That’s a given.

But, there needs to be a balance between your vanity and the value and opportunity that branded image content affords your business.


This mindset issue revolving around weight and appearance can prevent you from getting in front of those who need your help the most.

Although kicking the portrait session can down the block is a popular move by many, not everyone is in that camp.

One client of mine who heard the self-defeating whispers in her head, but decided that the images were too important to delay in creating was Social Pivot PR owner, Donna Cravotta.

I recently sat down to chat with her about this topic, along with a variety of other topics related to the value of investing in a branded lifestyle portrait session with me.

To check out our conversation, click on the video below:


What are some of the takeaways from this conversation that resonated with you?

Let me hear ‘em!

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