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When you don't have a profile pic, are you real?


Wait - it’s 2019, and you still don’t have a profile pic?


Here’s why that’s problematic.


When you’re on a social media platform and they make a bunch of suggestions for you to connect, how do you respond when they present a person without a profile picture?

For myself and most of my colleagues, this is an immediate problem. Too many questions and loose ends show up because of it.

Is this a fake profile? Is this a secondary profile that the person never uses? Is this a bot?

Or, how the hell could this person not scrounge up a photo, ONE photo, to put on his/her profile?

I mean, seriously?

This is not merely an, eh, I’ll take care of it when I take care of it, kinda thing. Thought, preparation and effort need to come into play.

A profile picture is the ground floor to introducing yourself to those you serve. It’s the first thing they see when they go to your page.

Through your facial expression and body posture, your profile picture illustrates confident, approachable and likeable aspects of your personality that clues people into who you are.

An effective headshot gives the viewer the impression that they know you already without you ever having a conversation with them.

Based on that interaction, they will immediately know whether they want to stick around and get to know you more, or get the hell out of there before you interact with them.

If you don’t upload a headshot, that’s going to turn off a lot of people who might otherwise want to get to know you, or even inquire about your services and join your community.

You might be the ideal fit to help them with their particular pain points, but, they’ll never know it if you don’t invite them in with a welcoming image that says, hey, I’m a good person who is ready, willing and able to help you!

Remember, trust plays a huge role in the social media landscape, and an almost certain way to break trust - or, not even establish it in the first place - is by ignoring the importance of leveraging a profile photo.

It’s a big deal, folks.

Shore up the frontlines of your marketing efforts with a profile picture that provides you with the opportunity to share your thought leadership with those that need to hear it most…

...or, run the risk of living in social media obscurity with one of those generic silhouette images that no one wants to see - ever!

Now I ask you…

When are you going to stop kicking the can down the block and invest in creating a new profile picture that will help garner the attention you deserve from those you serve?

Need a little inspiration to pull the trigger?

I can certainly help you with that!

Schedule a call with me, and let’s see if we’re a fit to work together.

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