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Stop polishing the car and drive the damn thing already!


Stop polishing the car…


…and drive the damn thing already!


Recently, I sat down with client, colleague and friend, Mike Roderick, to talk about the value of the branded lifestyle portraits that we created together not too long ago.

During the conversation, he introduced this “polishing the car” concept as a metaphor for business owners who spend an inordinate amount of time crafting, shaping and molding their personal brands, but, never publish anything to get themselves in front of those they serve.

It’s a great metaphor, and it’s something that hit close to home for me since I’m a recovering “polisher” myself, :)

In addition to this topic, we discussed a wide variety of other topics regarding branded lifestyle portraits including:

  • What his direct need was with regard to investing in a branded lifestyle portrait session.

  • Why it’s important to leverage branded lifestyle portraits to help promote his business.

  • What is the value of hiring a photographer who specifically serves coaches and speakers?

  • Dealing with the internal struggle to balance creating visibility for your brand through image content versus feeling ego-driven in the endeavor.

To check out the entire conversation, click on the video below:


What are the key takeaways from this conversation for you? Please share them with the class, :)

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