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Location, location, location


Location, location, location...


...location matters for your branded lifestyle portrait session, too.


For most of my clients, the idea of working in whatever location you can plug in a laptop and get a wifi connection is all they need.

For others, the body of their work happens in one space, and that location means the world to them.

Where do you fall in that spectrum?

For one of my recent clients, Josephine, an eastern medicine expert and acupuncturist based out of North Carolina, she was planning for over a month to fly up to NYC for her branded lifestyle portrait session.

We did the introductory call, the pre-session strategy call and started making plans for her trip up here...

...and then, the conversation stopped.

For a couple days, I didn’t hear from her and wasn’t exactly sure what happened.

Did I say something? Did she decide to go with another photographer? Did she start thinking about scrapping her website and social redesign?

After a brief hiatus, I received an email from her explaining her radio silence.

Turns out that she was conflicted about coming to NYC for her session because she wanted portraits and other image content that showcased her home, as well as lifestyle portraits of her working from home since the space is integral to the retreat work that she does with her clients.

She wanted to capture image content that not only presented her as the expert, but, also the space in which she conducts the majority of this expertise to give potential clients the feel of what it would be like to work with her.

In her case, I couldn’t agree more.

As a result, we scrapped the NYC plan and made arrangements to get me and Anthony (my Nikon D5) down to Asheville to capture some magic.

Although a lot of these photos could have been recreated through a mixture of staged locations throughout NYC, it wouldn’t have been anywhere near the look and feel of the actual space.

And for Josephine’s clients who are investing their money and time with her, they deserve to get an actual preview of what to expect when they show up for their time with her.

In addition, showing images of the actual space, and giving a glimpse of the activities in store also builds a healthy amount of trust between Josephine and her clients…

...and I’m all about supporting my clients with this particular endeavor, :)

Although it was quite a long day for me traveling to North Carolina, shooting an entire session, and then flying back the same day, it was an awesome experience, and one that I definitely look forward to doing more of in the future, :)

What locations are important to your business, if any?

Please share in the comments section.

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