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“How do you create all that content?”


Yup, creating content is a lot of work...



but, if you create a system around it, your content will start to write itself, :)

“How do you create enough content to write 3 blogs per week and create daily social posts?”

I’ve heard this question on more than one occasion over the past couple months.

Simple question. Involved answer.

For those of you who are contemplating upping your content output, I salute you for giving it a thought.  

I also acknowledge the “oh shit, that’s a lot of words…” anxiety you may be feeling, as well.

I certainly can relate to how you feel.

Needless to say, I was very hesitant at first, too.  One blog a week felt a bit much, let alone three.

Fortunately, I sought and found plenty of motivation to make it happen.

The first piece of this motivation revolved around creating valuable content to serve my tribe.

Before I committed to this content schedule, I received some amazing advice from a trusted advisor on the importance of producing valuable and readily available content in order to help my followers with their pain points.

By deciding to serve your tribe with valuable content, a wonderful byproduct of that work is enhanced insight and exploration into your own thought leadership and expertise.  

After all, writing with such consistency forces you to revisit and dissect concepts, interventions and scenarios from a variety of angles, and that deep dive only serves to enrich the lives of those who need to hear it most.

Now, in all honesty, being motivated to help those who help others is an amazing spark to creativity, but, that alone isn’t enough of a push for me to sit on my ass for hours on end and write to my heart’s content.

That’s where having a plan in place to set myself up for success comes into play.

First, I created, developed and refined a process for brainstorming and capturing potential ideas.  

The moment that a thought, conversation, or something I read sparks an idea, rather than scribble it down on notepads, post-it’s, napkins or the back of an envelope in my apartment, I place all my idea nuggets in ONE PLACE - in the Notebooks app on my phone.

That way, when it’s time to write, I only have one place to go to look up potential thoughts to explore.

So far, no one has been annoyed when I've had to pull my phone out mid-conversation to write down an idea as it popped into my head, :)

This is a sampling of the dozens of ideas in my phone  — some have already been written, :)

Next, I created an actual writing schedule that fosters a consistent amount of flow, which is necessary in order to get to a place of creating the good shit, :)

For me, I like to create my blog posts in the beginning of the month, and my social posts at the end.

My blog posts are more in depth, and touch on different topics than my daily social posts, so, I found it very useful to compartmentalize my creative energy and split up the content work in this way.

Also, saving my social content for the end of the month allows me to leverage images created during the branded lifestyle portrait sessions I conducted for that month, so, there’s a practical component to this method, as well.

Now, it’s great and all to be motivated by others getting unstuck and to have a plan in place to foster the creativity to create that game-changing and valuable content, but, there’s one important piece that keeps the train on the rails.

And, that’s discipline.

A whole lotta discipline.

There are plenty of my designated writing days where all I wanna do is be lazy and not do a damn thing.

Those are the days that I spar with my self-defeating, mind chatter, and tell it to screw off so I can get my work done.  

When I first started to write at a higher volume, that mind chatter was loud as shit, and it deterred me on more than one occasion.

But, as I grew into this rhythm of content creation, and created positive habits that fostered my goals, I’ve been met with far less resistance.

Now, I refer to my idea list, plan my writing days for the week, pick the topics that resonate most, and get shit done.

Although it’s taken months of trial and error to get a high-volume, content creation system in place, I now own my process and want to inspire others to step up and provide their tribes with content that will make the difference in their lives.

Will this same process work for you? Maybe, maybe not.

I just want you to walk away from this understanding the importance of creating a system that sets you up for success, so you can post some awesome content that your followers will appreciate for years to come.

Did you know that when you invest in a branded lifestyle portrait session with me, I can help brainstorm a content creation plan with you, as well?

Well, you do now, :)

Schedule a call with me and let’s see if we’re a magical fit to work together!