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When negative mind chatter affects your attitude


Negative mind chatter shows up in very mysterious ways...


...reframe that useless, mind chatter so you show up in the world the way you want!

Recently, I was on a call with Amy, a creative, thought leader with whom I connected through a LinkedIn pod.

She is a recent published author, and her work as a content creator is both informational and inspiring to me, as well as her long list of clients.

But, during our conversation, I wanted her to leave our conversation inspired to shift her mindset based on something she mentioned in passing.

At one point, the topic of branded lifestyle portraits and other image content came up, and before I could get into my spiel on it, she said, “I want my clients to be the stars...I want to be in the background..."

This is not the first time that I’ve heard this from an established expert, and it most likely won’t be the last.

After all, I can personally relate to this sentiment; this was the sound of my mind chatter for years.

So, I shared with her how I reframed this thought.

In order to position your clients “as the stars,” you first need to empower them with getting past their pain points.  

Before this can be achieved, you first need to be visible online to attract those who need you most and then establish a rapport and relationship with those that follow you.

One part to that equation involves a commitment to consistently sharing your thought leadership that inspires, entertains and informs on all your social platforms.

The other part involves putting a face to that expertise with magazine-quality, branded lifestyle portraits that show authentic and powerful sides of your personality to visually punctuate these stories.

By standing out front with your branded portraits complimenting the lessons and stories you share, you’re shining a very bright light onto yourself, which shows an extremely high level of confidence and belief in what you’re preaching.

In other words, you’re owning it - and that is an attractive quality that gets attention.

And, that builds a healthy level of trust with your tribe and enears you more to them.

I concluded my point with Amy on this thought:

When you yourself look for help you to get over your roadblocks, do you seek someone who meekly whispers about their expertise, or, are you attracted to someone who stands up and passionately shouts from the mountaintop about who they serve and why?

She got the point...and, so did I, :)

Do you struggle with the idea of creating a high-volume image library in the same way that Amy did?

Need help with creating a gameplan and kick in the butt to keep you motivated throughout the process?

I can definitely help you with that!

Set up a time to chat with me and let’s see if we’re a fit to work together.