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NYC Branded Lifestyle Portrait Photography Blog | Hi, I'm John DeMato, and I collaborate with thought leaders to create powerful, purposeful and authentic images. This is my blog where I talk all about the magic behind the portraits we create.

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When is the right time for your next lifestyle photoshoot?



I love being the bearer of magical news.

Recently, I was on a call with a potential client, who had that I-needed-to-update-my-portrait-pics-yesterday tone in his voice.

He wanted to set up a branded, lifestyle photoshoot, but, was very unsure of what types of portraits would suit him best, and considering the heightened sense of urgency, his thoughts were pretty much all over the place.

He said he wanted to hold off on booking anything until he could figure out what he wants.

This is where I raised my hand and reminded him that he doesn’t have to keep banging his head against the wall in frustration, trying to figure this out on his own.  

I am an proactive collaborator in his success, :)

In addition to being the guy behind the camera, I’m also the image content producer on the phone with him, strategizing his session during the Brand Image Elevation Plan call.

It’s during this planning session that I answer all of his questions, and ask a sizable amount of questions myself in order to extract the details about his business, brand, who he serves and why.

I then organize these answers into a cohesive and actionable strategy to be employed before, during and after his lifestyle photoshoot session.

I assured him that before he sets one foot in front of the camera, we will have mapped out his entire session, and, what to do with these photos once they’re delivered to him.

Logistical, technical and creative questions alike, he will be guided on the types of locations, outfits, accessories, as well as facial expressions and props to incorporate in his portrait pics.

Not only will we go over the types of lifestyle photos that belong in his high-volume, image library, but, we also will talk a bit about how to best leverage these portrait pics for his website, social feeds and self-promotional avenues.

The best part?

All of this information will be organized and written in a customized pdf document that you can take with you to your session!

Long story short, The Brand Image Elevation Plan is an amazing way to set him up for success during his branded lifestyle photoshoot, and allows him to show up in the world exactly the way he wants to.

By having all the tough questions answered, this allows him the space to get comfortable with his photographer, own the moment, drop his guard and be himself in front of the camera.

Beats trying to figure this shit out on the fly, huh? :)

Does this story resonate with you?  Have you felt the same stress before your branded portrait session?

Would you like to steer clear of that stress next time by having a solid gameplan right at your fingertips?

Set up a time to chat with me here and let’s see if the Brand Image Elevation Plan is right for you.  I have a couple slots left this month, so, grab em before I get booked up!