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Developing relationships with your thought leadership


Relationships - the backbone of our existence....

During my recent Applied Positive Psychology class, we deep-dove into relationships and how important they are not only for the continual survival of the race, but also, the key to a flourishing life.

And then our instructor pointed this out:

“Humans have a need to belong, to connect, to bond.  We are biologically wired to seek relationships.”

Biologically wired to seek relationships - wow, really?

I had a tiny “ah-ha” moment when I heard this.

Yes, I have been aware of the importance of relationships in our lives, but, never really understood it to be a hard-wired thing.

Although the desire to secure strong relationships was motivated by life and death situations that early humans endured on a daily basis, this hard-wired bias to connect shows up in the way we communicate in 21st Century society.

Just look at the way thought leaders engage their tribes online.

When they post image content onto their social feeds, they are not just simply sharing and illustrating their expertise; they’re slowly developing a strong relationship by building trust and connection with their followers.

  • They share informative and inspiring stories that help solve their follower’s pain points.
  • They ask thought-provoking questions in order to invite engagement and participation in this conversation.
  • They ask their tribes to contribute feed-forward with respect to certain topics.

And, this bond grows stronger with each successive post.

So, when you commit to a daily posting strategy, you’re actually committing to creating long-lasting and committed relationships with a tribe that wants to support you as much as you support them with your expertise.

Now, do you feel like you are delivering on your end of the bargain?

If you’d like to talk about it, schedule a call with me here and let’s do it.

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