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Grateful for the post-session crash, :)


Performing your magic for those you serve is an exhausting proposition...


...but, doesn’t it feel amazing?


After a recent branded lifestyle portrait session, I was sitting with my client wrapping up the image review and selection process, and I started to ease my foot off the gas.

It was at that moment that I mentioned to him that the crash was about to consume my entire body. After rolling around on the floor and acting like a complete lunatic behind the camera for almost 5 hours, it was inevitable.

And, sure as shit, 30 second later, it happened.

As I attempted to stand up and pack my laptop in my gear bag, my legs started to wobble, my head was cloudy, the words out of my mouth slowed down considerably - my desire to move became an almost impossible mission.

The adrenaline from the session had completely worn off and I was physically and mentally drained.

The post-session crash had begun.

Once I said my goodbyes, I slumped into a cab and headed for home.

The idea of sliding over to the right side of the backseat in order to pay and exit the cab felt like an insurmountable feat that couldn’t possibly happen. I was literally negotiating in my mind the last possible minute to do this - yup, I get really slothy after a session, :)

While I was physically, mentally and emotionally out-of-gas, I reflected on various moments throughout the session, and I started to smile, :)

At that moment, other emotions began to enter my consciousness while I was decompressing:

Joy, fulfillment and an immense amount of gratitude.

Joy for my client because we both left everything on the table and collaborated to create an image content portfolio that will help him with all of his image needs for his marketing in order to be discovered by those who need his specialized help.

Fulfillment for me in knowing that I’ve leveraged my art in a way that serves others and doesn’t compromise my integrity.

An immense amount of gratitude for the entire process.

Everything I do for my business - including all the back-end shit I can’t stand - is to be able to put myself in the position to feel completely exhausted and spent at the end of a session.

It is during the crash that I acknowledge to myself that I am living my purpose and making a difference in people’s lives.

Now, as much as my clients need the work that I offer, I need them, too - and not just for the paycheck.

I’m inspired by their drive and passion for what they do, and their example by doing positively affects the way I approach my own work on all levels.

This is the main reason why I decided to niche my business to serve speakers, authors and coaches in the first place.

Badass folks inspiring the best out of me every time I’m behind the camera…

...what’s better than that? :)

Turning to you…

How do you feel after a successful client session? Are you wiped out, too? Do you feel a similar combination of exhaustion and elation? Fulfillment and joy? Or, is it something completely different?

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