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One "sticky thought" that leads to social content


Re-purpose your sticky thoughts in your social content...


It’ll “stick” your audience to your social media feeds…see what I did there? :)


At a recent NSA NYC chapter meeting, Hall Of Fame speaker Christine Cashen delivered a wonderful talk on how to become a more marketable speaker with a slew of informative tips on how to be more memorable to attendees and those behind the scenes.

One of the highlights for me was her idea of incorporating “sticky thoughts” within each section of a talk.

I’ve never heard of this phrase before but it definitely makes a lot of sense since it condenses an entire thought process into one punchy statement that stands out.

Anyone who speaks in front of an audience undoubtedly has created these one-liners that encapsulates a much broader and profound concept or theme.

One of the best examples of a “sticky thought” that popped into my mind the moment she mentioned it is from marketing magician, Seth Godin. It’s so sticky that it comes to mind every single time I sit down to write a piece of content, and helps guide me in the direction of how I write the post.

“People like us do things like this.”

A sticky thought that I often write about revolves around incorporating emotion into their image content:

“Create content that inspires your audience to “feel” and not just “think.”

After the meeting, I thought more about this concept of “sticky thoughts” can also be leveraged when it comes to content creation for social media posts.

And that’s when I put two and two together.

You can re-purpose these short, sweet and punchy ideas is by creating a series of quote posts that highlights your thought leadership, while also giving you the opportunity to expand on these ideas in the stories you attach in the captions.

It’s a win-win that allows you to re-purpose and leverage intellectual property that already resonates with your live audiences, and now, it will do the same for your virtual one, :)

Go through your talks and see where your “sticky thoughts” live, and compile them into a list.

Then, look through your speaker event photos in your content image portfolio and choose a couple photos where you not only look confident and powerful doing your thing, but, also are justified to either the left or right side of the frame.

Next, open up a photo editing app that you use to create your social media content and paste one of these “sticky thoughts” into that empty space of the image so that it looks something like this:

If you don’t currently use a photo editing app, I would suggest two primary options - Photofy or Canva. Both are very user friendly, have pre-installed templates that you can use, so that all you need to worry about is inserting the image and text and, poof, magic is created, :)

Then, write a short story that expands upon the sentiment introduced in these thoughts and you have yourself a ready-made social post that can also be re-purposed as a blog post!

Repeat the process for as many “sticky thoughts” as you have and now you have a recurring content theme playing out on your social feeds for months to come!

Although this content creation process is not as fast as borrowing a quote from, say Albert Einstein or Mother Theresa, it definitely is more unique to you and gives your audience a much more, hyper-focused peek into YOUR way of seeing, your expertise, and your unique ability to help them get past what’s holding them back… in this case, the juice is worth the squeeze - and yes, this is a “sticky thought” I use all the time, as well, :)

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