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TEDx talks = inspiring magic


TEDx talks are inspiring for many reasons.


...mostly because listening to TEDx talks remind me why I serve these amazing thought leaders.

So, I’ve been specifically serving thought leaders for a little over a year now, and, every experience that I’ve had with each client has been collaborative, informative and fulfilling.

I’m very lucky and very humbled to work with such awesome folks.

That humility and gratitude was stepped up 5 notches when I was asked to be the house photographer for the 2nd annual TEDxLincolnSquare event at the Triad Theatre in Manhattan.

In the days leading up to the event, I was focusing my energy on thinking about how I was to manage my energy and be present for all 12 talks.  

I also had concerns about the logistics of the space since I really only had one vantage point from which to shoot the speakers - parked directly next to the house videographer.  No wings, no aisles with which I could navigate. When I first heard this news, I was a little bummed and felt like my creative wings were going to be clipped.

But on the day of the event, I got over it and poured my thoughts into what I always pour my thoughts into on a shoot day - how to best capture the moments that matter most regardless of whatever limitations that stand in my way.

Screw it, right?

Besides, this was an amazing opportunity for me to experience watching the people I serve perform at a very high level at a marquee event.

I mean, how cool is that?

Before the event, I headed for the Speakers greenroom and captured everyone prepping and chatting amongst themselves.


These photos are the ones that we don’t normally see from the TED folks, so, I thought this was a great opportunity to see these thought leaders have several moments of humanity before they transform into their superhero Speaker selves, :)

And then, of course, there were the talks.

Now, before the day of the show, I never thought once about the actual content that I was about to hear. I was more concerned about handling my duties during the event, so, I had zero clue about the talks themselves.

I figured I wouldn’t even have time to listen to what they were saying, so, I was planning to watch the Livestream in the days after the event.

Not only was I snapping away like a madman on a mission from my little corner in the back of the house, but, I was able to pretty much hear every single word that was uttered from each of the 12 speakers.

And wow, it was an amazing, cathartic and unbelievable experience.  

During the intermission, I went outside the venue for a moment and while reflecting on the first half of the program, I became emotional and, in that moment, became that much more grateful for my decision to serve such an amazing and inspiring group of people.

Listening to them speak on topics that focused on the show theme, “looking beyond” really inspired me to want to do even more for this community. It also inspired me to strive for even more with respect to my business.

I was motivated in a way that I have never been motivated before. I wanted to capture as many amazing, candid portraits of them on stage as I could possibly capture!

I was as shocked at my response and I was humbled, and ultimately, that left me with such an amazing, fulfilled feeling having been able to experience this event live and in person…

...and to actually play a part in it was a bonus!

At one point during the program, I spoke with one of the organziers who checked in on me, and I said to her, “I dunno what it is about that damn sign (the TEDx sign on stage), but man, it sure has some power behind it!”

Although years ago, I would’ve poo-poo’ed such a sentiment, but now, I am all-in on it, :)

I’m very grateful to event organizers, Tricia Brouk and Jamie Broderick, for giving me the opportunity to take part in the festivities, to commiserate with those that I serve, and to capture them being the absolute badasses that they are!

I look very much forward to next year’s installment, :)

What are you most grateful for in terms of those you serve?

Please share in the comments section.


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