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Passionately live your life purpose

What does it mean to passionately live your life purpose?

Think back to when you were at the point where you started to put your life together.

You were thinking the next steps beyond college, getting out of your parents house, and dreaming about the future and what that would look like.

Ah - remember those days?

You thought you had it all life purpose thing figured out and it was just a matter of playing out the script - well, at least for me, I thought I was pretty much set in terms of life purpose.

Now, ask yourself this question:

Are you where you thought you would be?

If I can take the lead on this one, I would say....

….um, nope, not even remotely close!

Actually, It would be more accurate to say… the hell did I end up as a business owner - me? REALLY???

I explored my journey up until now in a recent interview for HuffPost contributing writer, Tara Rae Bradford.  

In it, I talk about how my childhood molded and shaped me for a completely different type of career - but, that mold cracked and eventually shattered in my mid-30’s and that’s when shit got real, :)



How many of you can relate to this struggle with life purpose?

What was the hardest hurdle for you to get over on your way to being who you are today?

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