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Are you boring your tribe with your content?


Are you boring your tribe with your social media posts?

I don’t know how to put this delicately, so I won’t:

Some thought leader's social media posts that I view, quite frankly, baffle me that they were even posted in the first place.  

It’s not that they don’t have amazing stories to tell, or amazing value to share with those who need to hear it most, it’s just that these stories and this immense value they possess doesn’t make it to their feeds.

In previous articles, I’ve discussed the famous quote posters and the re-tweeters.

In both cases, thought leaders who create social media posts in this manner essentially keep their thought leadership to themselves and let others do the talking for them.  

That’s not to say what they are sharing isn’t inherently valuable, but, how can you expect to endear yourselves to your followers and build trust with them if your own thoughts and feelings aren’t shared?

This is why it’s essential to mix up your social media posts and keep your followers on their toes by posting an eclectic mix of image content that provides them a variety of slices of your life.

  • Show off how you work and what that looks like
  • Share your personal and professional “wins”
  • Show your tribes the environments in which you thrive
  • Talk about the books that inspire you on a daily basis
  • Share stories of struggle that lead to resilience
  • Offer lessons learned along the way that inspired growth in your life and business
  • Talk about your family
  • Share success stories involving your clients

Obviously, you don’t have a round-the-clock photographer on call, so, as a result, some of these images will have to be captured by yourself or those who can snap a photo with their phones for you.

Although this is, by far, not an exhaustive list, it is meant to illustrate that your business, brand and life is far too interesting to ignore.

Not only that, but, you’re doing your tribe a major disservice by not sharing your thought leadership through stories revolving around your life experiences.  

Listen, I know going this route means that you’ve just added a serious amount of work to your plate, but, when it comes to creating the type of impact that you’re looking to achieve, this is the type of commitment to creating valuable social media posts is something you need to make when it comes to elevating your online visibility.

If it’s too much to bear, there’s always people out there to help you.  Social media geniuses, copywriting wizards...

...oh, and me, :)

I love getting into the nitty gritty of social media posts with my clients, and I can do the same thing for you.

During our strategy call, I will ask you a ton of questions meant to identify who you are, who you serve and why you serve them.

We will then identify ways to visually represent these unique aspects about your personality, business and brand through the creation of a diverse and versatile, high-volume, image library.

Not all the images in that library are all about you, by the way! We will talk about other image content, such as books and objects that have meaning to your business and brand, and you can create stories about them that will entertain, inform and inspire your followers.

Oh, and if you think I shy away from talking about selfies, think again!

As I mentioned earlier, you don’t have a staff photographer following you around, so you will need to fend for yourself when capturing signature moments in your life that will deeply resonate with your tribe.

If you’d like to learn more about this portrait strategy call - aka Brand Image Elevation Plan - well, you’re in luck - I have a few spots open to talk about it this month.

If you’d like to have a chat about it, sign up for a call, and let’s see if we’re a fit!

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