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Validation of an idea at it's finest


Nothing says validation like watching the birth of an idea inspire someone else into action.

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Imagine when the idea is fully developed???

You know your idea has some legs when the basic outline of the idea inspires a colleague who read it to capture an idea down in his phone before I even put the workshop slides together, :)

Very recently, I was inspired and challenged by a friend and colleague to create a workshop that serves my folks - speakers, authors, coaches and entrepreneurs.

She suggested that I empower my audience by showing them how to leverage the cameras in their pockets to create compelling imagery that visually punctuates the entertaining, informative and inspiring stories that these thought leaders want to share with their tribes.

That idea sparked a lot of brainstorming on my part, and eventually, I created a workshop model that identifies this challenge faced by many thought leaders looking to create image content that attracts those that need their expertise most.

As I ruminated on the idea, I realized that this workshop needed to address something more high-level than just how to compose a good photo or leverage the post-production tools in your phone.

I wanted to address the ultimate challenge - creating a consistent method for generating interesting ideas that can turn into fully matured stories for social posts and blog articles.

And, when I created my course outline for Smartphone Bootcamp, I made to sure to include all of these specifics.

Once I had a rough idea put to paper, I sent it to a couple people’s whose opinions I deeply respect for one reason or another, and, I sought their thoughts on what I put together.

Shortly after I sent this out, I received a text from one of my colleagues and friend, Shir. He sent me a screengrab of the notes section of his phone.

At first, I had no idea why the hell he was sending this random thought to me, but, he told me that this idea was a direct result of reading the outline and learning how to spot moments that happen spontaneously in your life.

Shortly after this happened, he pulled out the phone and captured the thought, and now, it’s in a safe place, and he can revisit it when he writes new content.

That’s pretty cool, and it brought a smile to my face to see that the ideas I want to share with you in this workshop have immense value that will help retrain your brain to see content creation as an amazing way to spread your message, illustrate your expertise, and allow you the space to attract a larger tribe.

Let’s be honest - attracting an audience can be a pain in the ass - but, the appreciation for serving those that inspire you with the expertise that lights you up inside is worth the effort, many times over.

Perhaps this workshop can benefit you to leverage your content in a way that increases your visibility to your ideal client?

Interested in learning more about Smartphone Bootcamp? Go check it out here.

Registration for the next workshop in NYC is currently underway. To check out the date, and claim your spot, sign up here.  

Seating is very limited, folks, so, don’t delay!



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