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Write online content in your own voice...


“When you create content, write in your own voice…”


Got it - now how the hell do I do that?


In order to create rapport and connection with those you serve, it’s essential that you share a wide variety of yourself - expertise, life as a business owner and life as a human being - so that you offer an entry point for them in which to enter your world.

You also need to write all of this content - blogs and social posts - in your own voice.

What do I mean by that?

I’m talking about the way you pace out your thoughts, the style of language you use, the way you leverage humor in your stories - all of the stuff you do unconsciously while having a conversation with a friend at a bar about your day.

That’s your voice.

The moment that you’re able to successfully inject your personality into your writing, that gives your words on a screen dimensionality and life.

Now, this is all well and good, but, for anyone who’s attempted to integrate their voice into their writing can tell you that it’s not a simple process by any stretch of the imagination.

It’s hard as shit - at least it was for me.

I talk more about how to develop your voice in a recent article that I wrote for

Although this article was written specifically for the photography community I serve, I realized that the information in this article applies to the speaker, author, coach community, as well.

So, as you read along, mentally swap out all of the photographer references for speaker, author and coach, and it will be smooth sailing from there, :)

Here’s where you can check out the article.

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