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"Transforming dull moments into masterpieces"


Transforming dull moments into masterpieces?


Interesting way to put it - let me write that one down!


It’s always interesting chatting with my clients after their sessions because I inevitably learn something new about the value of the session or am compelled to see the work we’ve done in a completely new light.

I had a conversation with one of my clients, Anthony, and he shared an interesting perspective on the way in which he sees some of the work that we created together:

Despite the fact that I’ve written over 300+ articles and a boatload of social posts in the past two years, I would’ve never thought of the image content in this way.

This is why I enjoy speaking with my clients on camera in order to get their perspectives - all of their magical idea nuggets are recorded for me to take note, acknowledge and leverage of at a later time!

Why is this important?

In order to understand how to truly serve those in your audience, it’s important to understand the way they think, and more importantly, how they perceive and describe the value of the image content in which they’ve invested.

Although Anthony meant this to be complementary and a nod to our work together, it also represents reconnaissance with respect to the type of language that I can now play off of in my future content based on the words of my client.

I share this with you because I cannot stress how important it is to be in tune with those you serve - not just to understand their pain points and why they need your specialized attention, but also to leverage the thoughts and insights they have about the services you offer in order to grow your community of advocates and potential clients.

So, the next time that you sit down and chat with a client, pay close attention to the way in which they describe how they interpret the work that you do with them.

What are the descriptive words they use? What’s the tone of the sentences? What are the unique angles on the work that you never thought to explore in the past?

Whatever those words, thoughts and phrases are, incorporate them into your next social post and blog article, and see how they resonate with the rest of your audience.

At the end of the day, you’re building relationships with people who need your help the most.

The best way to connect with them and allow them to realize that you’re the solution to their pain is to leverage the key words and phrases that others like them use to describe their current situation.

They will relate to this language and that relatability leads to curiosity…

...and that curiosity leads to them joining your community and following you through social…

...and that follow inspires them to develop a deeper connection with you through your words…

...which ultimately leads to them hiring you for your specialized services when the moment is right for them to pull the trigger.

See how that works?

It’s pretty magical, I know, :)

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