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The power of emotional marketing


Emotional marketing moves people.

Recently, I came across a great article in Entrepreneur Magazine by Ivy Cohen that discusses emotional marketing for brands.

She references 5 archetypical story structures as a way to get to the heart of emotional marketing: inspirational, aspirational, expressing love, reaching milestones and the local angle.

Now, Ivy was specifically talking about how big box brands - Nike, GE, Bank of America, Gatorade, etc. - leverage this marketing strategy, but posting content that moves people emotionally rather than through critical thinking is a very powerful, persuasive and authentic approach when promoting personal brands and services, too.

These heart-driven stories present you as a human being to your followers, so you’re not just the superhero that can solve their particular pain points - you’re now a relatable figure whose empathetic to their challenges.

And this endears you to them in a way that logic, reason, facts and figures alone cannot achieve.

The punctuation mark to these emotional stories is to compliment them with image content that visually illustrates and enhances the mood and tone of what you’re sharing about you, your business and/or brand.

Although you can fit these stories into a cute-looking, text-quote post, or pair it with a stock image, you want these stories to pop as much as possible.

Compliment an emotional story with a portrait of the author? Now we’re talking!

When you put a face to these stories, followers can look you in the eye digitally and this offers them a sense that they know you and can trust your thought leadership.

You’re not hiding behind words or a generic image found on a stock site. You’re putting yourself out into the open.
And, this is what I do with every single person who steps in front of my camera - we create images that compliment stories that strike an emotional cord with their followers and potential clients.

What are your feelings on emotional marketing? How do you leverage it for your business and brand?

Please share in the comment section below.

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