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NYC Branded Lifestyle Portrait Photography Blog | Hi, I'm John DeMato, and I collaborate with thought leaders to create powerful, purposeful and authentic images. This is my blog where I talk all about the magic behind the portraits we create.

What is a Branded Lifestyle Portrait?


Branded lifestyle portrait?


Throughout my social and blog posts, I use the term branded lifestyle portrait  to describe the images I create with my clients.


A lot of my clients during our initial call are pretty unclear as to what that means and how it differs from standard portrait images and headshots.

As opposed to the clean look of a solid colored background of a studio session, lifestyle portrait images leverage environment and activity to help visually illustrate the subject’s personality and brand powerfully and authentically.

It’s an amazing and potent visual storytelling tool. Some of the types of activities that I’ve captured for my clients include:

  • Working on a laptop, tablet and/or phone

  • One-on-one consultation with a client

  • Reading a book

  • Engaging in a podcast

  • Brainstorming with pen and paper

  • Taking notes at an event

  • Speaking at an event/writing notes on a whiteboard

  • Working on a speech with headphones on

What important to note is that activity itself is not required in order for it to be considered a lifestyle portrait and the subject can look directly into the camera

The idea is that the location, in some shape or form, has emotional resonance for the subject.

By placing themselves in this environment, that will help enhance the messaging to their tribe, either by giving them a story point about the location to share, or, just creating an ambiance and mood with these portraits.

Whether indoors or outdoors, looking directly at the camera or engaged in an activity these images provide the client with a dynamic arsenal of portraits that illustrate who they are, how they work, who they serve and why.

When combined with informative, entertaining and inspiring stories about the client’s products, services and overall objective, these portraits visually punctuate these stories and messages, reinforcing their brands to their tribe.

How do you currently leverage lifestyle portraits in your social feeds?

Or, are you unsure what types of images you need for your social posts? 

I might be able to help you out with that.

Set up a time to chat with me here and let’s see if we’re a fit to work together, :)  

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