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7 seconds to make an impression


You have 7 seconds to make an impression…


…choose your promotional images wisely!


Recently, I was at an all-day Speaker event, and was chatting up my colleague, Simon, during the intermission, when he was approached by one of his friends that was invited to the event.

As they talked, Simon asked her how she felt about the talk, and she was blown away - his delivery was smooth and entertaining, his content is on point and his charisma is undeniable.

Then she said something that got my photographer Spidey-senses fired up.

“Based on the poster for the event, I didn’t think I would like him - he didn’t look very warm or engaging, but, once I heard him talk, I realized that he was awesome.”

Had this woman not been urged by her friend to come to this event, she wouldn’t have attended simply based on the way the speakers expression on the promotional materials made her feel.

Yup, the types of portraits you post online REALLY MATTER, people.

Your profile and press/media submission images, especially, carry a lot of weight. It’s generally your introduction to potential followers and clients, so, the initial impression that your image imposes on people is the one that will stick with them.

That impression is made in 7 seconds or less…and we all do it!

It’s not just some annoying task that takes up time - it’s a HUGE piece of your marketing, and, whether you realize it or not, people are basing whether they want to follow you or hire you based on how they feel when they look at your portraits online.

That’s why it’s essential you don’t just post something haphazardly - choose an image that clearly presents confident, approachable and likable aspects of your personality. This is achieved through your expression primarily, so, be very discriminating when selecting these types of images.

In addition, keep them up-to-date - using a photo that looks like you 5 years ago isn’t going to fly. If you continue to use an outdated photo because you like the way that one looks, it sends the wrong message to potential clients.


Well, it feels inauthentic, as if you have something to hide. And, when you are in a business where you offer insight and services that help to get people past their hurdles and show up authentically in their lives, it’s important you reciprocate that authenticity with photos that are authentic to who you are today.

So, as a general rule, don’t be anything but yourself in these images.

Be authentic. Be fun. Be YOU.

Think about that the next time you put off your portrait session for one of the many reasons you tell yourself to avoid the process, :)

Speaking of that - if you are in the market to update your image content portfolio, good news! I have a camera and have a pretty decent idea of what to do with it, so, you know, we should talk.

Let’s make sure we put your best foot forward in authentically marketing your business and brand with some images that truly capture who you are, who you serve and why you do what you do in portrait images.

Set up a call with me to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

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