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inspire your audience to "feel," and not just "think."


Inspire your audience with your content to “feel” not just “think.”


That combination will create a much deeper connection with your audience.


There are many lessons that I learned from the talk show world, but, the most important one was the power of emotion and how it motivates people into action.

In the case of Maury, it was to keep eyeballs glued to the television for 60 minutes.  

Through a carefully crafted mixture of tension, plot twists and reveals, people would be taken on a journey that would lead them to an emotional payoff at the end of each segment.

Was he the father? Did that man cheat on his wife?

Ultimately, these were the foundational questions that were answered, but, it was the connection that the audience feels with the guests on the show by following along with the backstories - hearing about the drama that is going on in their lives at home - that kept them around.

It was in these details that inspires audience members to get emotionally invested in the outcome of the story…

...and that is exactly why it’s essential for you to share emotional details with your audience through your social media and blog content.

Although it is important to share valuable information and allow your audience to implement the lessons that you impart through your image content, don’t just get their minds racing - leverage the opportunity to tug on their heartstrings, too.

Now, I’m not saying that you should share every intimate detail of your life or of the situations that you share through your content.

What I am saying is that when you share valuable information, don’t just share the what and how - get into the WHY it matters to you, which will create a more impactful experience for your audience.

Value through entertainment and education is what motivates people to develop into engaged followers and admirers of our work.

Emotion is what motivates them to become paid clients.

When you share stories that are relatable on many levels, including ones that inspire people to elicit an emotional reaction - joy, laughter, pensiveness, etc - it resonates more deeply and creates a stronger impression on those that felt that feeling.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to simply share your experiences in your social and blog posts, and what was going on in your mind at the time - whether you were feeling anxious, excited, angry, happy, etc.

This acknowledgement will allow the audience member to envision themselves in this position, and that emotional feeling you share will translate to them, thus, taking them deeper down the rabbit hole, which will make the experience more visceral to them.

Nurture your audience and allow them to envision themselves as the person on the other end of that story, and it will go a long way to establishing trust and connection.

How do you create content that incites an emotional response?

Need help figuring out how to inject more emotion in your social and blog content? I can help you with that.

Set up a call with me and let’s talk about it and see if we’re a fit to work together, :)

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