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Put the YOU in your content!


Where would my social feeds be without silly photos like this?

NYC Branded Lifestyle Portrait Photographer John A DeMato holding clothes

I dunno and I don’t wanna find out - I just wanna be me!


I originally posted this photo on social media shortly after it was taken during a branded lifestyle portrait session.

Here’s the original text from the post:

Listen, when you work with me, I’m here to support you in the process in any way that I can...and that includes transforming me into a walk-in closet!

I was recently working with a client during the outdoor portion of his branded lifestyle portrait session, and, we had a couple outfit changes to bring, but, the car was not parked in a lot, so, we had to carry everything.

Always a party when that happens.

So, rather than have him carry everything, get tired and then not be able to deliver energy in front of the camera, I devised a plan B by using my gear bag.

Since it has a cross strap that can snap in place, I decided to hang the clothing on hangers on it to see if it would stay in place, and, sure enough, it did.

Next thing I know I’m walking in DUMBO like this, and we were able to bring all the outfit changes we wanted.

Although this was a first, I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up doing this shit again sooner rather than later, :)


Once upon a time, you’d never see a photo or a post like this on my social feeds, not because it’s so outrageous or crazy - far from that - but because I thought that my social media feeds needed to be “professional” and “polished” and just portray the final products.

Clearly, we’ve departed from that uninformed logic.

Although it’s important to illustrate your expertise and establish a foothold in your given space of authority, it’s also important to show your audience that you’re not a work, work, work, stick in the mud who exhibits zero personality or desire to get to know them beyond the work, whatsoever.

People work with those with whom they have a rapport and connection, and when you inject personality into your feeds, you will attract people around that, and at the very least, start a conversation or two.

I’m not saying to make some shit up for the sake of checking a box on a to-do list.

I’m saying that whatever personality type you are, exploit it by sharing posts on social that exhibit your sensibilities in order to attract the potential clients that gravitate to that frequency you’re putting out into the world.

For me, I work like an animal, but, I also am a clown and love to be silly in the process of creation. I feel at home acting like a complete jackass behind the camera, so, there’s that. :)

I want to attract people who are attracted to that type of humor, so, I post content that exhibits these qualities in order to qualify in ideal clients AND qualify out potential mismatches.

This doesn’t mean you should abandon the posts that illustrate your expertise - those are the backbone of your feeds.

If you decide to sprinkle in a few posts that show off your fun side here and there, that’s a wonderful plan because it illustrates another aspect of your personality to your audience of potential clients, referral partners and rabid advocates of your work.  

These people want to find a reason to like you, so give them a double and triple dose of YOU in your posts, :)

What are your thoughts on this idea? Think it makes sense, but, unsure how to implement these types of posts?

Well, I can definitely help you with the process, if you’d like. :)

I have a one-on-one content creation program that helps you create an authentic, memorable and referable online presence  - it’s called the Idea Nugget Incubator Program - learn more about it here.

Questions? I can take care of that, too :)

Schedule a call with me and let’s see how I can help!

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