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Portraits fit for an NBA All-Star


Portrait sessions with tall people are extra work!


but, the portraits still end up as magical as the ones I shoot of normal height-ed people :)


Ugh jesus, my calves are still tired from standing on my tippy toes trying to capture all this height in my camera!  

Two best friends who both total about 13.5 feet of height, lol 

But, it’s not everyday that you get to take a picture of an NBA All-Star who you wished played for your team like Detroit Pistons center, Andre Drummond.

During my branded portrait session with my client and friend, Mike, he had a last-minute idea that involved creating some content with Andre, so, we ended up jumping in a cab, headed to the hotel that he was staying, moved a couple pieces of furniture in the suite, and off we went.

I think we spent more time setting up the room than we did shooting - I believe that the total amount of screen time was about 5-7 minutes. But, that’s the standard amount of time a photographer usually has with a celebrity or athlete.

That just means I have to work with speed and precision - which, you know, I rather enjoy, so, it was a fun way to work.

I handed off a pile of images, and, Mike now has plenty of image content to work with for his promotional efforts.

And, in the process, I got educated on what 20-somethings are listening to on Spotify these days, lol As a teenager of the 90's, I don't know if I can ever warm up to this mumble rap stuff, but hey, I guess I am that guy now, sitting in a lawnchair yelling at kids to stay the hell off my grass! 

My trip down geriatric lane notwithstanding, the session was a win-win-win all around, :)


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