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"The high price of political polarization"


The high price of political polarization...

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...robs us of part of our humanity.


This political polarization talk given by Rabbi Elchanan Poupko really struck a chord with me as I took candid photos of him from the back of the house. 

I have spent countless hours talking to friends about this unfortunate epidemic that has plagued this country over the past few years.   

As a result of all the BS that’s said online and on television, I no longer watch the news because it’s all created to draw ratings and get better rates from advertisers.

But, listening to Rabbi Poupko’s talk gives me hope that there are people out in the world right now who are actively working to bridge the gap and have people look beyond their affiliations and take part in community.

About his talk, according to TEDx: 

With passion, conviction—and lots of data—Rabbi Elchanan Poupko shows the price we pay for being divided and highlights a path to recovery based on recognizing our common humanity. From the most basic concerns like how to keep our friends in times of political division to the broadest questions like how to prevent a breakdown of society, Rabbi Poupko champions a vision of deradicalization and harmony as the basis for a better tomorrow.

It was an enlightening experience listening to Rabbi Poupko speak, and I told him in so many words through a direct message on social media.

There’s a lot of darkness and divisiveness, but, my hope is that people like the Rabbi will be able to provide a spark of inspiration for us to look past the rhetoric and be connected through our collective humanity. 

Time will tell, :)

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