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NYC Branded Lifestyle Portrait Photography Blog | Hi, I'm John DeMato, and I collaborate with thought leaders to create powerful, purposeful and authentic images. This is my blog where I talk all about the magic behind the portraits we create.

Curiosity doesn't always kill the cat


Branded lifestyle portraits create a lot of curiosity.


...and curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat, :)


In order to battle against the massive amount of noise and crap that’s circulating across the interwebs, it’s important for you to post image content that piques people’s interests.

Listen, it’s hard work to get someone’s attention with all of the cat and baby photos - not to mention all the “fake” news, :) - in circulation, but fortunately, there’s a way to do it.

By leveraging branded lifestyle portraits that illustrate who you are, who you serve and why you do what you do, that gives you an opportunity to present compelling and magazine-quality imagery that presents you powerfully and purposefully.

Rather than simply leveraging photos where you look good and belong in a magazine, you’re offering candid portraits that show you engaged in some type of activity, whether it’s working on a laptop, consulting with a client, brainstorming a new idea, or reading a book.

These types of images spark curiosity and leave the viewer wondering what’s the story behind this particular photo, which is exactly how you want to draw people into your world.

They’ll be more inspired to stop scrolling down their feeds, click on your photo, read the caption, and follow through on the call-to-action.

You’re opening up your life in full view and demystifying your processes, which opens the door for your audience to take a peek at how you conceive, create and deliver your thought leadership.

These types of lifestyle portraits help break the fourth wall between you and those you serve, which is exactly how you begin to create connection and rapport.

Once you draw people into your world through your image content and they read all of the valuable stories, insights and lessons that you impart through your feeds on a daily basis, that will generate a sense of trust that they feel towards you and that you’re the person to help solve their pain points.

Once you inspire a sense of trust over time, that’s when people shift into a mindset to buy.

Now, isn’t that the goal? I believe it is, :)

But it all starts with earning the attention of those you serve.

Keep that in mind the next time you simply want to post a text-based article on social without any visuals.

Turning to you…

Do you need help figuring out how to tell your story in visual imagery?

Want to spark the attention of those you serve with lifestyle portraits that present aspects of your personality that visually punctuate the sentiments of all the stories you want to share?

Don’t worry, I got you.

Schedule a call with me and let’s see if we’re a fit to work together.

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