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Allow people in by sharing your human side


Don’t be afraid to be a human being online...


...connect with people beyond the work - it’s worth it, :)


I’ve been to countless websites and social pages where the business owner positioned themselves as some type of Marvel superhero.

When you read the copy, you’d think this person has never failed in his/her life and that they have ALL the answers, not just the ones that relate to his/her space of expertise.

Although I’m sure many of those people are wonderful and compassionate and empathetic souls, I would never reach out to someone like that and engage.


There’s no heart, feelings or vulnerabilities present in their website copy and social posts.

And, that leads me to think that they’re hiding something, which inevitably leads me to lose trust in this person’s ability to connect with me on a level beyond the work, which is when the REAL work starts to happen.

I talk more about showing your human side in an article I wrote for the C-Suite Network.

You can check out that article right here.

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