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"I don't want glorified portraits, I want real..."


I don’t want glorified portraits, I want real...


That’s music to my ears, folks, :)


It’s nice to be pleasantly surprised, isn’t it?

That’s what happened when I got on the phone for the first time with one of my clients, Dr. Brian Lima.

When we chatted, the first thing he mentioned was when he was doing his online research on portrait photographers, he came across a slew of them who posted nice pictures, but they all felt a little too posed, a little too polished, and a little too fake.

He described them as “glorified portraits.”

And then, he came across my page and immediately picked up the phone to schedule a call.

He said that when he looked at my photo gallery, he felt he knew these people based on their expressions and how they moved within the frame. 

Usually, I don’t have clients calling me up and describing my work in that way - they say it while we look at their portraits after the session when selecting the keepers. 

As I mentioned, it was a pleasant surprise and that acknowledgement on Dr. Lima’s part locked us in from that moment until his second session was complete. 

While it is important that the photos you present to your audience are flattering, it’s also important that they feel real. If they feel too posed or staged, it takes away from the experience from those viewing them. 

After all, if they’re putting on a show in their image content, what’s to say they’re not putting on a show with respect to their services? 

Clearly, this is not a road you want your potential clients to walk down before they consider investing in your services.

That’s why I was pretty psyched that Brian saw the authenticity in the work I’ve done with my clients.

Dr. Lima is a heart surgeon who also gearing up to promote his book, The Heart Way, and is looking to get on various stages and share his unique message of health and happiness through sharing his own experiences as a doctor and human being living on this planet.

As part of the thought leader brand package he purchased, we fleshed out a lot of his unique wrinkles and nuances during two lengthy strategy calls, which helped us set the scene to ensure successful branded lifestyle portrait sessions. 

We captured a wide variety of content during sessions 1 - at the hospital - and session 2 - at his home on Long Island - incorporating his day-to-day activities at the hospital with how he spends his free time at home.

You can check out some of the magical work we created together in his portrait gallery.

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