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NYC Branded Lifestyle Portrait Photography Blog | Hi, I'm John DeMato, and I collaborate with thought leaders to create powerful, purposeful and authentic images. This is my blog where I talk all about the magic behind the portraits we create.

Even athletes need branded lifestyle portraits, too!


Occasionally, I conduct sessions sans thought leaders.



Nothing personal against thought leaders, of course, :)

But, you know, I occasionally like to spice it up and try other things - it’s the artist in me, after all.

Recently, I was approached by a TV production colleague, Mike, to help him create some portraits that he could leverage to get work as an athletic model for apparel brands such as Nike, Adidas and Under Armour.  

Over the past year, I’ve been working almost exclusively with thought leader clients, but, first and foremost, I am an artist, and when someone approaches me with a cool project, I always give it a thought.

And this time, I thought it would be awesome to apply my candid portrait aesthetic to help create some badass shit for Mike.

Rather than have me wax poetic on how the session went for me, I asked Mike to share his experience in his own words:

We were both super excited with the results!

I had never photographed someone playing basketball before, so, you know, we can scratch that off the photographic bucket list now, :)

Despite it being my first time, I, honestly, noticed zero difference in my approach between photographing a thought leader delivering a keynote versus Mike dunking a ball.


They both rely on a sense of timing and composition, and that translates to whatever subject matter I am capturing at the time.

I'm flexing the same creative muscle.

By venturing out and photographing different types of content, that muscle gets a unique workout, which only helps to bolster my eye and timing for branded portrait sessions with thought leaders and entrepreneurs.

This flexibility is something that I am truly grateful to possess, and am thankful I have opportunities to help a wider range of folks solve their image content challenges.

Speaking of image content, here are some more photos from the session.

Let me know what you think of these portraits!


PS - When you look at these photos, does it inspire you to invest in a fresh round of branded lifestyle portraits, but, don’t know where to start?

I can help you with that.

Schedule a call with me to see if we’re a fit to work together!


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