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Homo Narrativus


Why are the stories about your business and life so important to pair with your branded lifestyle photos?



Stories illustrate your expertise and present you as the change agent you are.

Stories allow you to achieve greater visibility with a more robust, social presence.

Stories solve a series of pain points for your followers.

But the reason behind all of these reasons is because we are genetically wired for it.

Humans are classified as  homosapiens, or “thinking (wo)man,” and this ability to reason is what separated us from other animals.

However, some researchers believe it would be more accurate to refer to modern humans as homonarrativus, or “storytelling (wo)man.”


Because humans inherently have a meaning-making mind.

We tell stories in order to explain everything and this allows us to make sense of all aspects of the world around us.

These stories ultimately construct our reality and provide a sense of direction to what would otherwise be mere happenstance occurrences.

See how our evolution as a species is still evident today in your followers?

They look to you to help guide them to recalibrate their meaning and purpose by immersing themselves in your thought leadership through your image posts and other content.

They then seal the deal by re-constructing a new reality for themselves by applying all of these lessons shared through your content.

By teaching a lesson through storytelling, what you offer with your image content is not only serving your followers on a very practical level, but, you’re also satisfying a primal need!

Keep that in mind the next time that you want to create a post just made of hashtags, :)


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