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The "yeah, this one feels good" test...

Selecting images for content is a process.



A pain in the ass process!

Along with the expectation of creating amazing content that will visually punctuate the stories you want to share about your business, brand and life, when you pull the trigger on a branded, lifestyle portrait session, you’re signing up for one, long ass day of work!

My clients and I are usually ready for a nap after shooting for 4-6 hours in a row.  

Ironically enough, the shooting portion of the experience is just the warm up for the main event.

The real sweat equity is shed shortly thereafter during the selecting images for content portion of the session.

This is when we build out the client’s high-volume, image library by evaluating every single portrait that was taken and deciding if it makes the cut.

On average, I probably shoot somewhere in the vicinity of 500-700 photos per branded session. I’ve gone over 800 on several occasions, as well.

Needless to say, that’s a lot of shit to evaluate.

As a result, I’ve developed a process that helps to not only expedite the selecting images for content process, but, it also instantly qualifies the value of the image on the spot.

I refer to it as the “yeah, this one feels good” test, :)

As we review and compare portraits and other images, I ask the client a series of questions to help narrow down the pile:

  • Does your facial expression feel authentic to you and your personality?
  • Can you write a caption/story to this portrait that would resonate with your tribe?
  • Does this portrait flatter your appearance?
  • Do you feel that this photo portrays you in a prestigious light?

If each question is answered with a “yes,” then “this one feels good” and it makes it into the image library.  Everything else gets tossed into the trash…

...well, except for the really embarrassing ones - in those cases, I keep those and threaten to post them if the client pisses me off, :)

The image review and selection portion of the session is extremely valuable to my clients because they aren’t left alone during the most important point of the session.

Since I don’t do the typical “here’s a cloud link to your photos - good luck selecting and figuring that shit out on your own” thing, they are able to lean on my experience and receive valuable direction and input by validating each image with the “yeah, this one feels good” test.

And yes, my clients and I usually feel really good once this process is completed, so, can’t go wrong with that, right? 

How do you feel about selecting the final images from your portrait sessions?

Do you find it to be a chore and would prefer someone riding shotgun to help you navigate the process?

I know a guy, and he’d love to talk to you about it, :)

Set a time to chat with me here, and let’s see if we’re a fit.