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one way to present your messaging


Motivational quotes are...



well, motivating! :)

When it comes to sharing inspiring content with your tribes, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to add a motivational quote - a word, sentence, phrase, paragraph, etc. -  directly onto the photo in order for the messaging to be front and center, and be easily received by the viewer.

Although having text directly posted onto an image is going to significantly increase the chances that the message will be read, there is yet an added level of directing viewers attention that can be employed in this case.  

I’m talking about when the thought leader in the image draws further attention to the quote or phrase with his or her body language.

Take, for example, my client, James Taylor.

I’ve noticed recently on James’ twitter feed that, in addition to all of his original content, he has been posting his branded portraits with famous motivational quotes included on these images.

In this first image (which happens to be one of my favorite portraits from our branded lifestyle portrait session!), James is looking up at the empty space above his head, which is a perfect place to put this quote from Samuel Beckett.

The combination of his expression, coupled with his looking up gaze only adds to the inspirational vibe of this text/image post.

In this next image found on his Twitter feed, James takes his motivational quotes game up a notch with some added body language assistance:

Ahh, the good ol’ point!

You know, there’s a part of me that hates capturing portraits of my clients pointing in different directions.

It just feels so damn contrived.

And, that’s because it is.

But, it’s also ridiculously effective as a way to direct your follower’s attention to important information.  And, this is why I hold my opinion to myself and provide my clients with the most effective imagery as possible, :)

For other clients “pointing” portraits, they’ve leveraged those images for their websites, banners and sales vehicles.

In James’ case, he is pointing to a Steve Almond quote that will deeply resonate with his followers..

The eye direction/pistol-style point to the left side of the frame acts as an instantaneous re-direct to the important part of the image. James is acting as the conduit to a potentially inspirational moment for the viewer.

Although motivational quotes on a plain background are totally acceptable, they simply do not carry the same energy as displaying the same quotes on a branded lifestyle portrait.

Let’s turn the attention to you:

Do you struggle with trying to create text/image content like this, but, are interested in incorporating this type of material into your social posts?

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