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Client Q & A Time


Client Q & A time...

NYC branded lifestyle portrait Rich Rella smiling

...let someone else do the talking, :)


Although I have the ability to sit here and wax poetic about my work, the motivation behind my work, and revealing the results of the work, the message is so much stronger when it comes from the mouths of the people sitting in front of my camera.

It’s important to share what your clients felt and experienced during their photo session as a way to let potential future clients know what they can expect…

...besides, a little horn tooting about your work by your clients isn’t a bad thing right? :)

With this in mind, I reached out to long-time friend, colleague and client, Rich Rella, to share his thoughts about his experience in front of the camera.

Q: How did you feel in front of the camera when John was directing you? How is this different from other photographers?

A: One of John’s defining characteristics is his innate ability to make you comfortable. Whether we are in the isolation of the studio or out on the overpopulated streets of NY, John keeps me relaxed and comfortable.

I’ve been on TV, in Major Motion Pictures, and countless photo shoots and it’s never easy. John always brings out my best work by constantly reminding me how special I am. John knows that a successful photo session is truly about the subject and not the photographer.

That’s why I love his work, because I am always reminded, by him, how special I am.

Q: Did you feel that you were properly prepared both practically and mentally before your session?

A: John is always uber-prepared. My sessions are unique, and force both John and myself out of our comfort zones. But that is where the growth is! Outside of our zones of comfort.

No one knows this more than John and he relishes the opportunity to grow and develop, personally and professionally.

Before the session, John and I looked at dozens of other industry-leading photographers whose work we admired.  We knew that we could improve on their results.

We made a game plan for the shoot and executed. Preparation is always crucial to success. John knows this, and reminds me how vital it will be to every photo session.

Q: What were your thoughts throughout the image selection process? Did John help steer you in the right direction with the photos that you chose?

A: Post production is my least favorite part of every photo shoot! I HATE pouring through dozens of images of myself and selecting the few that I will post on social media or my website.

It’s a daunting process, which I HATE, did I mention that???

John simplifies this arduous task and streamlines this monotony for me. It speaks volumes about how he customizes each session for his client. John knows that I have no patience for this part of the process and he guides me quickly through it by sending me selects (his choices).

This also brings up another point regarding trust and rapport. I’ve worked with John for fifteen years! The trust and confidence that I have in him has been earned and is, frankly, invaluable. I know that he wants to make me look great. That is his sole goal and that goal drives his process from beginning to end.

That is invaluable in a creative, collaborative process.

Q: Why work with John again?

A: I’d ONLY work with John, if I could. He brings out my best, from beginning to end of each session. From pre-production through post, John is a consummate professional and we always achieve top results.


Q: Why would you recommend someone to work with John?

A: It’s easy to recommend John. He listens, he’s creative, he has an artistic eye that yields powerful results.

What more can you ask for from a photographer? He considers your shoot, his shoot. He is fully invested in your career and it is evident in the results.


In case if you were wondering, yes, I had the warm and fuzzies as I read his answers, but enough about that… :)

How was your last branded portrait session? Aside from the work itself, did you feel you were taken care of from the moment you booked all the way to your photos being delivered?

Did you feel “special” like Rich did?

If so, awesome! If not, perhaps it’s time to set yourself up for success for your next session and find a photographer that works best for you…

Schedule a call with me, and let’s see if we’re a fit to work together, :)


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