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Stories that share your life with your tribe


Stories are what give our lives meaning.


And for your tribe, your stories give them hope.


What types of stories do you share with your tribe?

Do you keep it professional by only sharing content that relates to your particular flavor of expertise? Or, do you step outside your superhero-ness and share a wide variety of stories to reveal aspects of your life with those who follow you?

While it is absolutely vital that you illustrate your authority by posting image content that informs and inspires, it’s also important to show your human side as a way to endear yourself to your people.

I was reminded of this important point recently in a newsletter that I received from connector magician, Michael Roderick.

In his article, he talked about how he was working on his laptop at a coffee shop and had some Beyonce songs stuck in his head. He then went on to share that he sings his daughter to sleep by singing Whitney Houston ballads.  

This is not what he usually chats about, and even though I’ve been a client of his, I had no idea about that lil’ fun fact right there.

The point of him bringing up the music preferences in his email was to show the importance and power of switching up content from time to time:

Yes, it's important to have our area of expertise and write about what we know, lessons we've learned, etc. But it's also just as important to write about the other parts of our life.

To explore things that we're interested in and want to learn more about.

This is something that we need to constantly remind ourselves to do with our content.

I know I need to.

This is why I like to share my cigar stories and the important lessons that I learned while participating in an applied positive psychology psychology course.

But, taking Michael’s words to heart, I think I might need to start sharing some other little fun facts and keep it interesting…

For now, however, I will keep you guessing, :)

I will leave you with this one question to answer:

What is one interest, passion or pursuit that you’ve never discussed in your social and blog content?  

Is it embarrassing? Funny? Interesting? Relatable to your followers?

Please share this juicy nugget of information in the comments section.

Need help figuring out the types of images to use to v isually punctuate these types of personal stories?

I can certainly help you out with that.

Schedule a time to chat with me to see if we’re a fit to work together, :)


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