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52 Weeks Of Worship


What does the word "God" mean to you?


In a room full of 50 people, you will get 50 different answers...


As I have mentioned before, it was a humbling experience to photograph the 12 speakers who graced the TEDxLincolnSquare stage with their amazing and inspiring stories.

One of these speakers is Pamay Bassey.

I have a lot of respect for her, not only because of the amazingly moving experience that she talks about on stage, but the fact that she was the first speaker of the day. I’m not sure if they had to draw straws or whatever, but, it’s usually a nerve-wracking experience to go first, so, I saluted her on that merit alone, :)


As someone who is neither religious or spiritual these days, I was curious to hear what Pamay's take on the whole concept was, and, needless to say, she drew me in and I was fascinated by her journey of discovery.

About her talk, according to TEDx:

Imagine. A global, spiritual, interfaith journey. Time spent with people standing before God, however they perceived Him, Her, or They to be. Listen to this captivating talk, where Pamay Bassey shares what she learned during her 52 Weeks of Worship Project where she soaked in the kindness of strangers, one faith community at a time, and contemplated what it means to seek a stronger, more authentic connection to the Divine. You may start to see fewer differences between yourself and others…and a little more divinity in everyone.

After her talk, I chatted with Pamay about it. Aside from the actual story, I shared with her how blown away I was by her poise and professionalism in how she conveyed her story. The tone and cadence that she leveraged really pulled me in and I wanted to hear every word.

This experience of hearing her talk reminded me why I work speakers and authors - they inspire in more ways than one, :)


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