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Thank you, EntreGurus, :)


How valuable are the lists to which you’re signed up?


For me, they represent a wellspring of insights, inspiration, and in the case of this article, validation, :)


Over the years, I’ve signed up for a variety of daily emails crafted by colleagues and mentors, and, all of them offer a certain level of value to one degree or another.

An email that I just signed up for is created by EntreGurus, a company owned by Helena Escalante, who titles herself “The Chief Bookworm Officer.”

How can you not love that, :)

Within this email, she reviews key elements in a particular book every single day, and tags her posts with actions that you, the reader, can implement today and in the future based on the information shared in the email.

It’s a wonderful way to cement the concepts discussed in your mind while moving forward and improving yourself and your business.

Recently, I read an article that she produced entitled, “Go Behind The Scenes,” which is a synthesis of some of the key elements present in Rework, a book published by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson.

In her article, she talks about how the authors stressed the need to illustrate your process by “giving your audience a backstage pass to show them how your business works.”

Although I’ve never used the phrase “backstage pass,” this concept mirrors my assertion that speakers, authors and coaches need to break down the fourth wall between themselves and their audiences and offer them a glance at their processes in order to build connection and rapport with those they serve.

Admittedly, I was excited to see this very important concept shared by industry leaders such as Fried and Heinemeir, and, rather than constantly listening to me chatter on about it, I’d like to give you a break from that and take a peek at what Helena put together on behalf of these thought leaders.

You can check out her article on her website.

Entregurus is a wonderful resource for those looking to figure out which book they should read next because Helena does an excellent job of pulling out the spine of the material in order for you to decide whether or not this is something that interests you beyond her articles…, do yourself a favor and sign up for her email.

PS - For those of you who aren’t in the know, I mail out these blogs 3x a week, and lemme tell you, they’re a real party, so, if you’d like to get in on this, sign up for it here and I’ll throw in a free gift for you, because I care, :)