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Year of your life in photos


The one-big-portrait session model doesn’t work for you?


Sounds like the Year Of Your Life In Photos Program is right up your alley…


Recently, I shared an idea I had for a new, photo service offering that took into account all of the people who are looking for an alternative to the one-big-portrait-session model.

With all of the logistics, pre-planning and financial resources required, this “all or nothing” type of photo session, to them, is an overwhelming option, and it’s why many of them avoid updating their image content portfolio for YEARS at a time.

Other members in this community have also cited that big, one-off sessions inspire a tremendous dislike for being “on” for hours at a time, which is an exhausting way for them to create image content.

And, I totally get it.

After posting that sketch of an idea on my blog and all over rest of the social-sphere, I received a lot of positive feedback and interest regarding this year-long program that breaks down your photography services into monthly sessions.

I’ve decided to officially launch the program starting on May 1.

From the moment that we start the Year Of Your Life In Photos Program, I will guide you every step of the way so that we’ll create image assets that not only visually punctuate the sentiments and emotions of every story that you share with your audience, but also illustrate who you are, who you serve and why you do what you do.

We’ll capture moments that matter to you - the highlights, the stages, the seasons, the work, the play...and of course, the portraits.

There is a ton of flexibility in the way we can leverage your monthly shooting time.

Cover all your bases with image content from the stage or portrait sessions that can be used for both hyper-specific purposes in the short term, as well as build a content portfolio for long-term, social media content and blog article needs.

I’ve broken down the Year Of Your Life In Photos Program into two tiers:


- Initial Assessment Call - 1 hour
- Monthly Strategy Calls - 1 call up to 30 minutes per month
- Portrait/Event Sessions - 1 session up to 1 hour per month


- Initial Assessment Call - 1 hour
- Idea Nugget Incubator Program
- Monthly Strategy Calls - 1 call up to 30 minutes per month
- Portrait/Event Sessions - 1 session up to 90-minutes per month

Both Tiers include the following options:

- Combine up to 3 months for one longer session
- Gift as many months of shooting time to colleagues and mentors as you wish

Prices for the Year Of Your Life In Photos Program start at $300 per month.

Based on the demand from those I’ve spoken with, I’ve created a waiting list that continues to grow.

However, I want to be able to give everyone in the Year Of Your Life In Photos Program all the attention that they need, so the group will be limited to a very select amount of slots.

Again, the Program launches on May 1, so don’t sit tight on this one, folks!

If you’d like to get on the list, sign up here, and I will be in touch to schedule a consultation call with you. I want to make sure that we’re a fit to work together before we get started.

If you have any other questions, please email me at

I look forward to creating magical photos with you! :)

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