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You know those great ideas you get from time to time....


Write your idea nuggets down the moment they strike you!


Or you will forget them forever!


Okay, how many of you have been in a situation like this: 

You're walking down the street and, all of a sudden, from out of nowhere, a great idea pops directly into your mind!

You have no idea where it came from or what inspired it, but, either way, you can’t get over how uhhhhhhh-maze it is.

So, what do you decide to do? You decide to celebrate and do the ol’ victory lap in your head because this idea is going to be HUGE for you. Your big, bright idea is lighting you up like a Christmas tree!

You start thinking about vacations, buying a whole bunch of new shit, you know, living the dream life that you tend to think about in moments like this.

As you allow yourself to indulge in all the amazing thing you're going to do once you develop this amazing idea, you forgot one, small detail…

Ummmm, what the hell was that idea I just had??

Oh shit, I forgot to write it down, and now, it’s gone forever...

Within the span of 10 seconds, you just made AND lost an entire fortune….


You see, I speak from experience because I’ve irresponsibly “victory lapped” many, many times, and have lost many, many ideas forever - and it pisses me off very, very much when I think about all that idea generation going to waste.

As a result of my own shortcomings in this department, I now preach from the mountaintops to advocate collecting and nurturing your intellectual property the moment it is manifested in your mind.

A great facilitator to creating a well-curated, social media presence revolves around capturing these unique moments, observations, insights, thoughts and phrases and mature them into full-blown social or blog posts.

But, this process doesn’t happen automatically.

You need to rewire your awareness so that you're able to identify and capture these random idea nuggets the moment they pop into your mind by immediately grabbing for your phone and write it down.

And, guess what?

Now, that you’ve captured a series of idea nuggets, you will have something to work off of when you sit down and set time aside in your schedule to create content for the following month. Ideally, you’ll have a BIG pile of ideas sitting in your phone, ready to be expanded upon so that they will be social or blog post ready.

When you create a conscious practice to collect idea nuggets as they strike you, regardless of where you are or what you’re doing, you’re working towards developing a strong foundation to your marketing efforts.

As a result, the fear and anxiety you used to feel when it comes time to create some posts, is now gone.

As a little added bonus, those idea nuggets that you feverishly wrote down in the heat of the creative moment, are gifts that keep on giving.


Because when you sit down and start to further develop these ideas, a spiderweb of creative thoughts start to happen where you begin to sprout off-shoot ideas from the original idea. These are all extemporaneous, and they also can foster the same process, thereby multiplying this one, singular thought that produces several, multi-layered ideas.

Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Guess it’s time you start writing your random idea nuggets down before you forget them, eh?

Need help with this concept? Have some burning questions to ask?

I’m here for ya, don’t sweat it!

Set up a time to chat with me and let’s see how I can help.

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