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What the hell does an Excel Instructor need photos for?


What the hell does an Excel Instructor need photos for?


To be the authority in your space, you need to look like one, too.


Regardless of your area of expertise, if you seek to build a memorable and referable online presence, you need to leverage magazine-quality lifestyle portrait images that visually pop while also breaks down the fourth wall between you and those you serve.

That magical combination of steak and sizzle helps create connection, rapport and ultimately trust with those you serve.  

Once I got on the phone with him to talk about it, Shir didn’t need much convincing.

He immediately understood the value of investing in a branded lifestyle portrait session to help promote his ExcelShir brand. 

Yes, a lot of the work that he does involves numbers, grids, tables and coding.

But there’s human beings behind all the math. There’s human beings who feel completely lost when staring at a blank sheet on the screen. There’s human beings who need people like Shir to help them understand how to make Excel work best for them. 

And Shir fundamentally understood the value in connecting with people beyond the work through his image content in order to gain their attention so he can help them with their points of friction with the program itself.

Throughout the several sessions I had with Shir, we worked on a variety of objectives: thumbnail portraits for his Youtube videos, profile pics for his social media feeds, to name a few.

In each case, the goal was simple; present him like an Excel superhero that can swoop in and save the day while simultaneously providing aspects of his personality in order to create a balanced look into who he is, who he serves and why he does what he does.

And I believe we did just that, :)

Take a look at some of the photos that we created together. At the bottom of the gallery, I shared some of the kind words that Shir shared about his experience working with me.

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