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“I panic at the last minute about whether or not my post is good enough”


“I panic at the last minute about whether or not my post is good enough”


Yup, I know plenty of people who experience this form of anxiety every time they open up one of the social apps on their phones.


I’ve talked plenty of people off the creative ledge on more than one occasion…

Including myself - many, many, many times, :)

But, the solution to getting over this self-defeating, negative thought doesn’t begin with thinking about content creation, it starts with YOU.

As someone who dealt with paralyzing insecurity and lacked any semblance of confidence in myself as a human being for the majority of my life, when I hear someone question whether or not their post is “good enough,” what they’re really saying is, “am I good enough” or “why should people listen to me?”

So, before you embark on the path to create informative, entertaining and inspirational content that serves to provide immense value to your tribe, it’s important for you to take stock in where you are with your business and life.

Do you own your life purpose? Committed to living through the ups and downs that entrepreneurial life throws at you on a minute-by-minute basis? Accept the challenge of pushing yourself to show up in the world the way you want?

Listen, this path is not for everyone, and if it were easy, shit, everyone would be doing it. But, it’s the challenge that makes it so fulfilling.

And that’s why I’ve found such fulfillment in the challenge of creating constant, social media content that deeply resonates with my audience and inspires them to get in motion.

When you come from a place where you believe your expertise is the difference-maker for those you serve, and the stories you share address and solve your client’s pain points, you no longer question whether it’s “good enough.”

You no longer worry if you’re boring the shit out of them…

You no longer worry if your story is too personal...

You no longer worry if people will judge you based on what you shared...

When you come from a confident mindset and are in a place where you no longer question the validity of your expertise, these worry thoughts about yourself and your content are replaced with ideas on how to serve your audience and help them be better than they were yesterday...

Which, quite frankly, is a much better way to spend your time, if you ask me, :)

One of the ways that helped inspire this mindset change in myself was through creating a series of production-inspiring systems in my daily life that created structure.

One of these systems was focused on how to create consistent content that would speak directly to the needs of my audience.

Admittedly, it took me over 3 years of being in business to finally acknowledge the importance of creating valuable content as a foundational element in establishing my expertise on social.

But now, I am so committed to the process that my content calendar is created and scheduled months ahead.  

I come from a place of total confidence that even though each post I create will not resonate with everyone, it’s okay, because it will impact those that need to hear it.

I’m not concerned with moving mountains with every single word, anymore - it’s about being intentional and consistent, and realizing that your tribe is vast and that you will address their specific challenges from that place, you will create plenty of content that will positively affect everyone over time.

The key is to create that system for generating consistently impactful, social media posts.

I feel that this elemental piece to your marketing puzzle is so important, I created a one-on-one, idea generation program for my clientsIt's called the Idea Nugget Incubator program. 

During this program, you will learn and work through 9 idea-generating techniques that you can leverage daily in order to inspire new insights, new ways of managing your content creation time more effectively and new ways of leveraging moments in your life to teach a lesson to your tribe.

You’ll also learn some important techniques to choose photos that visually punctuate those impactful stories that draws the attention of your audience.

Interested in learning more about the Idea Nugget Incubator program? Go check it out here.

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